Muslim Ban 2.0 Legal Victory is a Big Step Forward

March 16, 2017

Last night was another big step forward in our work for achieving more equitable policies for American Muslims and all Americans. Because when American values are defended, all of America will flourish.

MPAC filed amicus briefs in both cases where federal district judges (one in Hawaii and one in Maryland) issued temporary restraining orders on President Trump’s revised Muslim ban.

The federal court in Hawaii was persuaded by our argument that national security is not increased by the revised executive order whereas the federal court in Maryland relied on our argument that the revised travel ban is seeped in religious discrimination.

These legal victories are a big step forward, but there are many challenges ahead and we must be prepared to fight. We are committed to an America where the civil liberties of all are secured and we need your help to scale our legal, policy, and community advocacy work to ensure that we are prepared for these challenges. Show your support with a donation today!

In service and solidarity,

Omar Noureldin

Vice President

Strategy & Operations



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