Supporting of Attorney General Keith Ellison Leading Prosecution for Murder of George Floyd

American Muslim Elected and Appointed Official’s Statement of Support for AG Kieth Ellison

July 17, 2020

The Muslim Public Affairs Council is founding member of the American Muslim Elected and Appointed Official Network. As a founding member, we stand in support of Attorney General, Keith Ellison, in his quest for justice for George Floyd. Read our full statement below.


Download the PDF here. 

AMEAON welcomes the decision by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to appoint Attorney General Keith Ellison to lead the prosecution of the police officers who killed George Floyd.

Given Attorney General Ellison's impeccable and honorable record of public service, we believe that he is the right person to successfully lead this effort and, in doing so, to restore some level of trust in the American justice system.

George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by police officers who were supposed to protect the public, but instead violated the law and the sacred public trust we placed in them.

Justice demands that his killers be prosecuted to the utmost extent of the law, without obstruction, and that his family be compensated appropriately for their incalculable loss and the violation of his constitutional rights.

We also encourage all Americans to rethink and reexamine the role, function, and practice of the nearly 18,000 police and law enforcement departments and agencies across the country, in order to ensure that our police forces are properly serving the public. Our own government and law enforcement must not violate our inalienable rights.

As Americans, we are deeply committed to the ideal and promise of liberty and justice for all. As elected and appointed officials working in different capacities across these United States, we take that promise seriously as part of our oath and duty to serve the public.

Indeed, as American Muslims, our faith demands that we live up to the Divine injunction to stand for justice ("O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even though it be against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin" - Quran 4:135).

George Floyd's tragic death is a reminder of the fierce urgency of now -- we must all reflect, engage, and take appropriate action to ensure that all Americans enjoy the promise of liberty and justice for all, and that we collectively build our more perfect union together.



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