How We’re Confronting White Supremacy

White supremacy is an evil that harms all Americans, regardless of race or religion, because it is one that is founded on a hateful and false sense of superiority.

May 21, 2019

My name is Omar Ricci and I’ve served on the MPAC Board for several years and have been a supporter for much longer. I’d like to share an important update with you.

I testified as a witness at a congressional hearing yesterday on “Confronting White Supremacy: The Consequences of Inaction.” The hearing focused on the threat of white supremacist hate crimes on Muslim communities and national security. In my testimony, I outlined the consequences of ignoring this threat and its real impact on American Muslims:

My testimony is critical for three important reasons:

  1. Although Muslims have increasingly been targets of white supremacist violence, we’re overlooked by government agencies and news media. We are changing this.
  2. In such hearings, Congress typically calls upon policy experts and government officials to talk about communities. Yesterday, we ensured that the American Muslim voice is heard.
  3. We've been working with elected officials for years. This hearing is a testament to the power of our engagement -- we've developed strong partnerships across the aisle that help us amplify our cause.

We will not slow down as we work to increase progress in our perceptions, our power in politics, and pride in our identity.


In service,


Omar Ricci

Board of Directors, MPAC



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