Census 2020: What You Need To Know

It’s critical for our community to be accurately counted

March 31, 2020

An accurate Census count is critical for ALL underrepresented communities, especially in a time like this. An accurate census could increase how much money the federal government gives to public health programs, schools, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has really outlined the importance of such programs for our country. Join us to learn more about the 2020 Census count and what it means for our community and why you need to fill it out ASAP.

Take a few minutes today to fill out your household’s census. The census helps give you a voice in our government and makes sure you are represented fairly. Don’t let your voice be silenced.

Take Action: Fill out the 2020 Census

Fill out your households 2020 Census form

Have worries about filling it out? Here is what you need to know:

  1. The census is safe -- Your information can never be used against you. It is against the law for anyone to share your  information, including with other government agencies, courts, immigration enforcement or the police. The information you share on the census will never be used to decide if you or your family get benefits or not.
  2. We need to be counted -- Each person counted in the census means more money will go to your community for the next 10 years for things like schools, roads, hospitals and children’s healthcare. Every citizen and non citizen should be counted. Participating in the census means you are claiming your community’s fair share of federal money.  

*COVID-19 Update: If someone is staying with you temporarily on April 1 due to the COVID-19 situation, they should be counted where they usually live. If someone is staying with you on April 1 who doesn’t have a usual home elsewhere, please include them in your response.

  1. It’s easy and quick to do -- You will be asked only 10 simple questions like your age; the number of children in your home; and if you are  married or not. The most important information for the census is the number of people currently living in your home. If you do not have access to a computer, call 1-800-923-8282 to fill it out over the phone
  1. Being counted can only benefit us -- The census helps determine how much money each county will receive from the federal government for important services. An accurate census could drive $2,000 per person every year for a decade. With 10 million people living here, we have too much to gain. This money goes to your community for things like schools, hospitals, affordable housing and job programs.

Taking part in the census gives you a voice in our government and makes sure you are represented fairly. Don’t let anyone silence your voice. Be sure to take part in the census. Stand up for your family and your community and be counted.

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