MPAC provides a critically-needed Muslim American perspective on important policy developments domestically and internationally

For each of our platform issues, we publish policy papers, hold Capitol Hill briefings and forums to inform the policymaking community, organize Community Townhall Forums to mobilize American Muslims to get involved, and conduct legislative and governmental advocacy to inform the policymaking process.


National Security & Civil Liberties

As an American Muslim organization, MPAC supports a robust approach to eradicating terrorism, both foreign and domestic. At the same time, our nation can never be truly secure when the civil liberties of any community are curtailed, and without taking a holistic approach to addressing all forms of terrorism and ideology-based violence. Furthermore, federal, state, and local governments should never center or condition their engagement with any community through the lens of national security alone.





MPAC urges the Executive Branch, Congress, and state and local governments to enact comprehensive immigration reform in accordance with the bedrock American principles of openness to all, providing equal opportunities for economic success, and no discrimination based on national origin, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation when it comes to the enforcement of immigration policies.




Human Security

MPAC is committed to working closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to ensure our communities receive the protection and resources they deserve. To further this goal, MPAC calls on governmental agencies to enact policies that meaningfully address the rise in hate crimes, end discriminatory actions and behaviors, stop the criminalization of marginalized communities, and reform our nation’s criminal justice system.




Religious Freedom & Human Rights

MPAC firmly defends the right to free belief and expression for people of all faiths or no faith, holds that compulsion of any religion is antithetical to our values, and supports policies that keep affairs of the state separate from the influence of religious ideologies. Additionally, MPAC supports the strong protection of religious minorities worldwide.



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