Coronavirus Relief Headed to Americans

The law provides immediate financial relief to Americans impacted by the coronavirus.

March 27, 2020

President Trump signed a historic stimulus package to help fight the effects of the coronavirus pandemic into law earlier on Friday, March 27th. Earlier that same day, the House of Representatives voted to pass the $2 trillion stimulus bill voted through the Senate this past Wednesday. Despite fears that certain members may hold up the process, the bill passed via voice vote. The bill provides immediate financial relief to individuals and families impacted by the health and economic consequences of COVID-19. However, it also comes with a litany of problems. You can read more about our analysis on this legislation and others. 

We will continue to update you on the responses taken by our government to this global pandemic. Earlier today, for instance, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act in order to force General Motors to begin producing ventilators required by hospitals around the country. These are important steps as the nature of the public health emergency develops in concert with our national healthcare system. 

We expect more legislation to follow, as even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the CARES Act is a “mitigation”. What is needed next is a “recovery”, and we are working to ensure that the recovery includes further support for low-income individuals and families.



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