An Introduction to Muslim America

October 10, 2010

A national conversation is needed on the role of Islam and Muslims in our country, as it has taken place in the past on American Jews, Irish Americans, Italian American, Japanese Americans, African Americans and many other groups. In order for such a conversation to take place, we provide this brief introduction to Muslim America to share the history, accomplishments and demographics of Muslim Americans.

We hope that this special report will serve as a clear window into the Muslim American experience. This backgrounder will serve policy makers, civil society groups, media professionals, interfaith groups, educators and all those interested in having a nuanced and balanced look at our community and its rich history in our nation.

We hope that our "Introduction to Muslim America" will spark a broader conversation and will help in clearing the fog of misinformation. We ask you to read and share this document with all those who are seeking a way forward as we go through this journey together as Americans and people of conscience.

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