Counterproductive Counterterrorism

How Anti-Muslim Bias is Undermining America's Homeland Security

December 31, 2004

In order to enhance the security of our country, it is necessary to expose the vocal minority of Americans who continue to exploit the tragedy of September 11 to advance their pre-existing anti-Muslim agenda. MPAC presents this case study on Steve Emerson with the purpose of rebutting anti-Islamic rhetoric so that the vital voice of American Muslims can be included within counterterrorism discourse.

Several myths abound regarding the role of American Muslims in counterterrorism policy, the most prominent and problematic of which paints the American Muslim community as a threat to America's national security. In fact, the American Muslim community is an asset to law enforcement in their shared goal to root out terrorism and extremism. The source of suspicion of American Muslims stems from false accusations of American Muslim organizations. Steve Emerson and his Investigative Project are among those who scapegoat American Muslims, rather than provide constructive counterterrorism policy. Through this process, American Muslims are excluded from the formation of counterterrorism policy, depriving America from an experienced and knowledgeable segment of our pluralism.

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