A Nation of Immigrants

Realizing a Comprehensive Immigration Reform

September 17, 2013

[This paper is going through an updating process and will be re-posted shortly]

This past June, the Senate passed the most comprehensive immigration reform bill since 1986. The bill grants a path to citizenship to the 11 million undocumented people residing in the United States, while also strengthening border security. The process by which visas are granted is overhauled in the bill so as to attract immigrants with technical qualifications. The bill is now stalled in the House, where it faces a much steeper climb to passage.

Immigration is a topic that has touched many American Muslims in some way. Many are children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. However, the issue is not one that has been given importance amongst the community. With a contentious debate set for October on overhauling our broken system, this is the perfect time for the American Muslim voice to be involved in the discussion.

The Paper

This paper, an update of our 2010 publication, gives the background of why our immigration system needs fixing, a summary of the consequences of doing nothing, and the probable results of passing comprehensive legislation. MPAC’s paper serves as a guide for both those new to the topic and those with a firm understanding of it.

The paper includes:

  • A summary of the immigration landscape
  • A background on the Senate bill
  • Policy recommendations.

Among the important issues pointed out is the so-called, “Graham Amendment,” which allows racial profiling of immigrants coming from countries that are deemed to pose a national security threat, which will disproportionately affect those coming from Muslim-majority countries.

The Toolkit

The community action toolkit is a guide for the American Muslim community on how to get involved in the process. Suggestions include how to engage media, utilize social media, and contact your local member of Congress.

This paper is a part of MPAC’s larger immigration campaign, which has included events within the DC area. Future components of the campaign include townhalls, national conference calls, and coalition building. The American Muslim community is encouraged to join the effort in establishing justice and contributing to the social, economic, and political fabric of our nation.



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