MPAC Releases New Policy Paper ‘Welcome, Palestine?’

Passage of UN Resolution Would Benefit All Parties

September 21, 2011

MPAC released a policy paper, “Welcome, Palestine?,” an analysis of the Palestinian bid to the United Nations for statehood. The paper supports the proposed resolution as the next step for the region, as it re-emphasizes the only viable solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict: two states.

“Welcome, Palestine? An MPAC Analysis on the United Nation’s Resolution on Palestinian Statehood”

This Friday, Sept. 23, the Palestinian National Authority (PA) will submit a bid to the United Nations to formally recognize Palestine as a state within the international community. To that effect, MPAC’s paper lays out three options Palestinians could take when introducing the bid to the UN for successful passage, though, the United States is predicted to veto the request based on its “special relationship” with Israel.

“A Palestinian success at the UN would be far more than just symbolic; it would provide a whole series of tangible benefits to the Palestinians," according to the paper.

The paper outlines four reasons the recognition of a Palestinian state would be beneficial:

  1. It would restore the serious and real issues of Palestine to the front of the world’s attention;
  2. It will grant legitimacy to the Palestinian demand for immediate statehood;
  3. It would apply pressure upon Israel to enter into negotiations with a formal state and explore the two-state option;
  4. It would give the Palestinians the opportunity to participate in international forums, such as the International Criminal Court.

With many against the bid and some Israeli officials saying they are awaiting a “diplomatic tsunami” if the resolution were passed, they are not fully grasping the benefits for everyone involved. A formally recognized Palestine state would be beneficial to all.

As we approach this historic bid that may act as the impetus for peace in the region, the “Welcome, Palestine?” paper highlights the positives of a UN acceptance. The implications to this bid are extraordinary and will no doubt change the course of history.



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