ACTION ALERT: Meet with Your Representative in District Office During Congressional Recess

July 31, 2014

During the next few weeks, your senators and representatives will be home working in their district offices. Take advantage of the Congressional recess by reaching out to your elected official to discuss Gaza, Syria, religious freedom and other issues that are important to you!

Here are some easy and effective ways to schedule a meeting:

1) Contact your senators’ and representative’s office and ask to schedule a meeting regarding issues that are important to you. Find your representatives by clicking here. When contacting your members’ offices, remember to include your first and last name, how many people will be attending the meeting with you and what issues you will be discussing.

2) Do your homework! Before going to your meeting, make sure to prepare and research the topics you are going to discuss. Research your representatives’ stand on the issue and make sure to be polite and positive in order to ensure an effective and constructive meeting.

3) Have an “ask.” After going through your agenda, make sure to have an “ask’” of your elected official. It can be as specific as asking your member of Congress to vote a certain way or as general as a general get-to-know-you meeting. Also, find out whether your elected official sits on a committee related to the issue you are advocating for so you can tailor your "ask" to their capability. If he/she is a member of the relevant committee, ask him/her to author legislation on the issue or hold a hearing to discuss the issue. If he/she is not a member of the committee, ask him/her to vote for/against legislation related to your issue.

4) Follow up! After your meeting, make sure you follow up with the office with a thank you note and request to schedule a future meeting. Show your elected officials that you are engaged in the political process and that issues on Capitol Hill affect you directly at home in your local district.

Take advantage of the Congressional recess as a chance to meet with and learn more about those who have been elected to represent you and the residents in your district. Taking these small steps is crucial to successfully advocate for the legislative issues that are important to our community and making a difference with your voice as an American Muslim.

As always, please reach out to us if you would like support as your prepare for a meeting with your elected official and/or want to learn more about our priority issues mentioned above.

This week, we encourage you to reach out to your elected members and talk about Israel's ongoing invasion of Gaza:

  • Tell your members of Congress to push for an immediate end of the Israeli assault on Gaza.
  • Since 2011, Israel's Iron Dome defense system has received $720 million in American funding. Tell your members of Congress that you want U.S. funding for protecting Palestinians. At the end of the day, who is focused on protecting Palestinian civilians?
  • Israel is violating the U.S. Arms Export Control Act, which prohibits the use of American weapons on a civilian population.
  • Urge your member to vote against additional funding of $225 million for the Iron Dome!



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