Gaza Teach-In Sheds Light on Evidence of Israeli War Crimes

August 15, 2014

On Sunday, MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati moderated a panel discussion at the Islamic Center of Southern California called “Gaza Teach-In: War Crimes and Settler Colonialism,” between two experts on the crisis. Palestinian Professor George Bisharat of UC Berkeley School of Law and Israeli Professor Gabriel Pieterberg of UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies discussed exposed how Israel’s military campaign violates countless international laws and also is rooted in settler colonialism.

Members of the Islamic Center were thrilled to see two knowledgable professors present facts on how Israel has broken many United Nations resolutions and has committed an incredible amount of war crimes.

“It was great to learn the seemingly unknown reasons precisely why Israel is committing these crimes against humanity," said Samar Shahin, who attended the event. “People only think that Israel is just doing something, but they never really understand the underlying reasons behind their course of action.”

Over 100 people attended the event and many were happy to see two professors, one Palestinian and one Israeli, agree on the reality of the situation in Gaza.

Professor Bisharat of UC Berkeley discussed the increasing façade of Israel’s claim that their crimes are only of self-defense.

“Self-defense cannot be claimed by a party that initiates violence,” said Bisharat. “It cannot be claimed by the colonizer, nor can it be claimed by those who wipe out a community of people.”

These kinds of events are necessary to educate our communities about the historical context of the atrocities happening in Gaza. Take action in your community today by organizing teach-ins for your friends, campuses, coworkers and neighbors to educate them on what's happening in Palestine. MPAC can offer speakers for any forum you would like to organize in your local area.

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