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December 20, 2018

On December 20th, we, in coalition with 118 partner organizations, sent a letter urging the House of Representatives to hold an oversight hearing within the first 100 days of the 116th Congress to review the implementation of the Muslim Ban. The letter has been sent to the chairpersons of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and House Judiciary Committee.

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the first iteration of the Muslim Ban, Congress has yet to hold even a single hearing on the ban and its implementation. Regardless of the absence of these hearings, and the Supreme Court decision upholding the ban, we have been actively engaged in working with our civil society partners and Capitol Hill allies to introduce legislative language that would effectively reverse the intended impact of the ban. Help us double down on our efforts to push back against the Muslim Ban in 2019 with a year-end gift.

Demanding a hearing is the first step toward addressing the Muslim Ban legislatively. We will continue to work with our allies to introduce legislative language that will challenge and defeat this ban. With your support, we will always work to ensure there will never again be a religious test or ban in America.



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