Meet Government & Policy Intern Aisha Jama

July 19, 2014

Aisha Jama, a current senior at the University of Michigan, joined MPAC this summer as a government and policy intern in the Washington, DC office. With a double major in International Studies and Arabic, Aisha credits her involvement in student media organizations for prompting her move to DC to experience the crossroads of policy and media.

With interests in broadcast media, Aisha is cognizant of the anti-Muslim rhetoric and overt Islamophobia pervasive in dominant news outlets. Observing reductive and sensationalist news reports about complex politics surrounding international and local issues led her to work at her local campus television station. Media disproportionately perpetuates misconceptions about historically marginalized and vulnerable communities. Aisha is fervently committed to engaging in work aimed at challenging the production of media.

Aisha hopes to leave her MPAC internship with a critical understanding of the politics that involve advocating for American Muslims within the realm of policy and perception.


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