Join the UniTea Intra-faith Campaign

October 5, 2014

The United Muslim Foundation (UMF), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) have teamed up to provide a space "that brings together Sunni and Shia Muslims of diverse backgrounds committed to promoting intra-faith cooperation, dialogue, community service and community development." UniTea is a campaign that aims to gather Shia and Sunni Muslims from diverse backgrounds to create their own individual campaigns to service their community.

If you have an interest in community service and intra-faith engagement, do not miss out on this opportunity to get involved and give back to your community! The best part about this campaign is getting to work with people of different backgrounds, engaging in intra-faith dialogue and establishing ties with people who share the same values as you. How awesome is that??

Below are steps and guidelines to participate in this exciting project!

1. Campaign Team

A. Set up your campaign team. Reach out to the members of your community and be sure to include as many people of different and diverse backgrounds and perspectives as you can. You can talk to the members of your MSA, local mosque, community centers, etc!

2. Sign Intra-faith pledge

A. Sign the Intra-faith pledge issued by all three organizations. This document is super important because it pledges your commitment to respect, integrity and ethical behavior during this project.

B. All individuals in your team must sign and submit the pledge.

3. Tea Time

A. Host a Tea Time. Tea Time is the name of the meeting in which you will discuss the nature of your group. Use this time to come up with a unique Team Name that lets people you know you mean business.

B. During the Tea Time, assign the following positions: Campaign Director (manages entire campaign and team), Marketing Director (markets the campaign and recruits volunteers), Community Outreach Director (identifies community service opportunities), and Event Manager (runs events and volunteers on the ground)

C. Research issues in your community and brainstorm ideas on you how you can contribute and set up community development projects.

D. Plan your next meeting.

4. Community Service

A. Set up, plan, and execute a community service project. This can be anything from helping out at a soup kitchen to volunteering at a shelter. Are there any schools that need help with supplies, afterschool homework help, etc.? Research your community and be creative!

B. Although you are required to have at least one community service project, you can definitely have more. The more, the merrier!

5. Community Development

A. Set up, plan, and execute a community development event. This event should be focused on inviting young Muslim professionals in a various career fields to share their experience and knowledge with the community in an open and interactive environment. The purpose of this is to have an educational meeting for career development for those who are interested!

B. Career fields can be from any area: health, education, government, finance, etc.

6. Celebrate!

A. Party Time! Organize an event in which you can celebrate your wonderful work! This can be a community picnic, a bowling night, or anything similar in which you can come together in celebration of all your hard work.

7. Submit your project

A. Submit your project to if you have completed the campaign between Eid Al-Adha 2014 and Eidul Fitr 2015. You will receive public recognition from all 3 organizations at the Annual ISNA Convention or the MPAC Annual Banquet and Community Service Award (we will update you after your submission insha-Allah).

Remember to complete your application in time to receive recognition. Have fun, be creative and work hard! Good luck!

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