Civic Engagement

I Am Change: Civic Leadership Program

Collectively creating change!

Are you tired of hearing government officials and media pundits talk about Muslims... but not talking to Muslims?

Do you want to know how to effectively talk to public officials about the domestic and foreign policy issues you care deeply about, so that they care about them enough to act?

Are you ready to act to bring about change?

What it's about

'I Am Change' is a unique program to empower American Muslims around the country to stand up and advocate for the issues you care about, and strengthen your ability to do it effectively. It's about active citizenship. It's about each of us embracing our rights as American Muslims to work with decision makers in our local communities, state legislatures, and Congress to shape better policies.

Watch this

Then email to schedule a high energy, engaging and interactive workshop in your community.

Give us three hours, we'll give you:

  • Inspiring knowledge on how to promote civic engagement from an Islamic perspective with members of your community
  • A deeper understanding of how local, state and federal government works and your role in advocating at each level
  • Practical skills in how to talk about the issues you care about with public officials and the media
  • Energizing examples of Muslim Americans who are successfully working for change every single day, and making a difference

Now what?

We're looking forward to meeting you and working with you to collectively create change. Ask your questions and schedule an 'I Am Change' workshop in your community by calling (202) 547-7701 or emailing



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