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July 25, 2014

Dear Supporters,

It has been a rough few weeks for our community witnessing what seems to be never ending political and humanitarian conflict overseas. As American Muslims, our hearts ache at the injustice we have witnessed and sometimes we feel helpless to do anything about it.

We should all be involved in the immediate solutions through letter writing campaigns, protests, prayers and donating money for relief, but we also need to invest in long-term solutions. We will see a change in public policy when more and more Americans know and relate to the struggle and humanity of Muslims. MPAC and the Hollywood Bureau work diligently everyday to change public perceptions of Islam and Muslims.

In the giving spirit of Ramadan, please invest in the emerging voices of American Muslim filmmakers, journalists and policymakers by donating to MPAC Foundation today. Your donation will be tax-deductible and is zakat-eligible.

Last month, we held our 4th successful Young Leaders Hollywood Summit, which was attended by over a dozen impressive young American Muslim filmmakers who are determined to share nuanced, humanizing and enriching stories on screen and television.

Rather than tell you about the summit, here is testimony from one of our delegates, Akram Shibly from Buffalo, NY:

The Hollywood Summit was a turning point in my life. As a Muslim trying to make it in the film industry, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone going up against all odds. MPAC has shown me that that is the furthest thing from the truth by bringing like-minded Muslims together to support their dreams and aspirations. I came in expecting to go through a series of technical lectures that informed us about the industry but the Summit turned out to be much more than that.

There was not a single dull moment from the moment I arrived at the summit until we said our farewells to one another. The organizers worked tirelessly to create a lively experience for us all, keeping us on our feet and moving us through many different meetings, locations and workshops. The experience allowed us to engage with Muslim screenwriters who showed us their path to success and what it means to maintain your faith in Hollywood, affirming the idea that it is possible to have the best of both worlds.

We were given opportunities unimaginable to people at our stage in our careers, as MPAC brought us to sit in conference rooms with executives from several major studios to learn from the top what it takes to make it there. Doors like these remain closed to most people but the Summit walked us right through them. Having done so, I am now inspired to push harder to reach levels I once thought were unattainable. To top it off, I no longer have to go it alone since I have gained friends through the Summit that will walk with me along the way." 

Our strategy is working! More young American Muslims are feeling empowered to take Hollywood by storm, but now more than ever, we need to expand our efforts. We need to tell our own stories and we can’t do it without your financial support.

During the final blessed days of Ramadan, please give generously to the MPAC Foundation. Your donation is tax-deductible and zakat-eligible.


Deana Nassar
Hollywood Liaison

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