Why Report a Hate Crime/Incident?

For You. For Others

JUSTICE: By reporting hate crimes, perpetrators can be punished, others will be deterred from engaging in hate-motivated behavior, and American principles and values will be protected.

PREVENTION: If crimes and incidents are not reported, perpetrators of these crimes and incidents will continue to pose threats to our society. Many hate incidents escalate into hate crimes, thus maintaining a paper trail can strengthen a case.

AWARENESS: Reporting hate acts will increase community awareness around bias-related offenses, which is necessary to foster a partnership against hate. Furthermore, a lack of response may be perceived as encouragement to commit additional acts.

DOCUMENTATION: It is critical to document hate acts accurately and consistently in order to ensure this component of history is recorded, the public is educated with precise cases that reveal the nature of the hate acts, and trends can be extracted from which community action can unfold and solutions be developed.

POLICY: To make policy changes and implement hate crime legislation, a significant number of hate crimes must be reported.

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