MPAC Participates in Government Interagency Meeting

August 12, 2009

"Engagement." That would be the word to describe what took place at the Department of Justice-sponsored interagency meeting between representatives of various government agencies and members of Arab, Muslim, Sikh and South Asian organizations.

The purpose of the meeting was for various community and government groups to interact with one another, present their lists of concerns and provide updates on how certain issues are progressing.

Government officials primarily discussed concerns over the Attorney General Guidelines on Domestic Operations and training Transportation Security Agency personnel on cultural competency issues impacting airport security. These issues are being raised at a time when there are ongoing concerns over racial/religious profiling and the role of FBI informants in mosques.

Meanwhile civil society organizations discussed a wide range of issues ranging from an Oregon law preventing people wearing religious headgear from teaching in public schools to the recent deadly shooting of an unarmed Arab-American in Florida by a police officer with a questionable performance record.

MPAC added to the conversation by highlighting concern over questionable literature at fusion centers, and more broadly the role of private contractors within these entities. MPAC also raised the issue of the recent arson death of the Imam at Yermo, CA. The FBI is currently investigating the matter.

MPAC will continue to engage government officials, civil society partners and local communities to effectively represent the interests of Muslim Americans and improve the welfare of all Americans.

-- Alejandro J. Beutel (
MPAC DC Government Liaison

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