MPAC Joins LAPD in Answering Community Questions

April 7, 2014

Last Friday, Salam Al-Marayati, MPAC's President, presented the Safe Spaces Initiative, a campaign to provide American Muslim communities with tools for developing and maintaining a healthy community, at an LAPD community forum at the Islamic Center of Northridge.  

In addition, the LAPD answered the community's questions on domestic violence, FBI informants and appropriate ways to approach the LAPD.

At least 20 LAPD officers were in attendance committed to dispelling negative stereotypes Muslims may have of the LAPD and making sure that officers are always treating Muslims with respect in light of prevailing Islamophobia.

“To counter Islamophobia we need a heavier presence of Muslims in civil society and we need to represent ourselves,” Al-Marayati said as he finished his presentation on Safe Spaces. "[Muslims] need to have a united message condemning individuals that call for hate and the slaughter of any group of people. Violence is wrong. Period.”

LAPD is eager to hold more forums in coordination with Muslim student groups and mosques. If you would like to organize one in your mosque, student group or place of gathering, please contact This is an excellent way to increase understanding, dispel stereotypes and keep your community safe from hate crimes.

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