Dr. Hathout, Tariq Ramadan to Speak at KinderUSA Dinner

July 14, 2011

Where can you hear MPAC’s Senior Adviser Dr. Maher Hathout and renowned scholar Tariq Ramadan speak on the same stage? KinderUSA’s Ramadan Fundraising Event on Saturday, July 23, is where!

 At the Sheraton Universal Hotel, KinderUSA, a non-profit organization that strives to develop creative solutions to long-standing problems with the belief that all children are entitled to their inherent rights of survival, health, shelter and education, is hoping to raise awareness and money for their programs. 

 This Ramadan, KinderUSA will continue to provide support to Palestinians in need in the West Bank and Gaza by supplying food baskets valued at $110 to feed families of six to 10 members.

The feature of their Ramadan program is the central role played by women cooperatives in both the West Bank and Gaza in developing the food baskets. This dynamic income-generating project is staffed by rural Palestinian women who have been trained in the production, marketing and management aspects of the program to sustain themselves and their families beyond Ramadan.

The other central pillar of its Ramadan program is support for local indigent farmers. In Gaza and the West Bank, the project is designed to purchase fresh vegetables from small-scale farmers, many of whom are women, who can no longer market their goods.

This fundraiser goes beyond simply donating money to a cause by preparing the needy for the future to develop their own sustainable income. This is definitely an event to attend!

Tickets are still available and can be purchased here, and babysitting will be provided. 

--Zaki Khan
Communications Intern



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