New Book: “Islam: Plain and Simple”

June 5, 2014

MPAC is proud to endorse Tariq Jalil’s new book, “Islam Plain and Simple: Women, Terrorism, and Other Controversial Topics.” Jalil’s book aims to set the record straight on the faith of 1.6 billion global followers, delves into the life and actions of Islam’s last prophet, Muhammad, and expands on the rich contributions to human civilization inspired by Islam.

"Islam Plain and Simple is the most concise, well-written, balanced, engaging, and accessible book on Islam that I have ever read. It provides an authentic insider's perspective on the religion practiced by one quarter of the world's population,” said Jihad Turk, president of the Islamic graduate school Bayan Claremont in Southern California. “Jalil boldly tackles all of the hot-button and controversial issues related to Islam, but does so with an elegance of style that is clear and unambiguous without becoming apologetic or defensive. His concise biography of Islam's prophet captures the spirit of the man that Muslims so admire. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to better understand Islam."

“I wrote this book to provide fellow Americans a window into the heart of Islam according to its original texts,” Jalil said. “I’d love to encourage a dialogue and hope ‘Islam Plain and Simple’ will provide a better understanding of the religion and the people who follow it.”

"Islam Plain and Simple" is available on the website as well as on Amazon, Nook, iPad and Kindle.   



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