"When the world is compelled to coin a new term to take account of increasingly widespread bigotry, that is a sad and troubling development. Such is the case with Islamophobia."
     - UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan


In a post Sept. 11th world, the phenomena of Islamophobia or distrust toward Muslims and Islam has grown exponentially. Sadly, perceptions of Muslims as terrorists or potential terrorists are not uncommon, and public opinion polls have confirmed that negative perceptions of Islam and Muslims are also on the rise. In 2006, a USA Today/Gallup poll found that nearly 40 percent of Americans admit to harboring feelings of prejudice against Muslims. In 2010, the controversy around the Cordoba House / Park 51 Center in Lower Manhattan became the target of right wing bloggers, who ignited a national firestorm about the project. Animosity toward Muslims and mosques quickly spread to other mosques around the country. Currently, more than a dozen mosque projects are under attack in communities around the country.

Intolerance and xenophobia go against core American values, and require immediate and aggressive action. Through our Truth Over Fear: Countering Islamophobia campaign as well as our media appearances, MPAC confronts Islamophobia head on. We also work with our allies in interfaith communities, public affairs, civic groups and community organizations to provide education and promote interreligious understanding among people of all faiths.


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