MPAC Launches National Immigration Reform Campaign

Download New Policy Paper & Community Toolkit

September 17, 2013

MPAC proudly announced the launch of its national campaign for comprehensive immigration reform with the release of its immigration policy paper and community toolkit. “A Nation of Immigrants: Realizing Comprehensive Immigration Reform” stresses the critical need for immigration reform and addresses the key issues being raised in the ongoing Congressional debate while the toolkit outlines opportunities for Muslims to get involved in supporting immigration reform.

Download the paperDownload the toolkit

America is a nation of immigrants, making our federal immigration laws an issue that hits home for most people. American Muslims have a vested interest in establishing justice for all people and contributing to the social, economic and political fabric of our nation.

“This immigration campaign is one way of amplifying the American Muslim voice in this important national debate that impacts tens of millions of U.S. residents,” said Saif Inam, MPAC’s Policy Analyst. “We look forward to working with American Muslims to increase awareness of the issues at hand, and empower them to engage their elected officials in order to get a potential bill passed.”

In addition to the policy paper and community toolkit, the campaign will include town halls, national conference calls and working with coalition partners.

“A Nation of Immigrants” details the immigration landscape, provides a background on the Senate bill and includes a series of policy recommendations. Among the important issues addressed is the “Graham Amendment,” which allows racial profiling of immigrants from countries deemed to pose a national security threat. This disproportionately affects those who are from Muslim-majority countries.

The Community Toolkit provides practical information about how to get involved in immigration reform on a local level by publicly supporting the call for immigration reform, engaging the media, and contacting members of Congress.

We encourage local communities to make immigration reform a part of their priorities in the coming months by:

  • Holding forums at your community centers and mosques
  • Meeting with your elected officials
  • Working with local partners
  • Organizing an immigration advocacy day



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