SCOTUS Just Legalized Religious Discrimination

The Trump vs. Hawai'i ruling stands against the Muslim community, but we're not losing hope

June 26, 2018

We are disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision to ignore religious freedom and nondiscrimination protections by ruling in favor of the Trump Administration. The Muslim Ban puts the religious liberty of all Americans at risk, impacting American families and American interests.

When Trump signed his first Executive Order to ban Muslims from coming to this country, many were reminded of the horrific Japanese American internment which led to the 1944 Korematsu v. United States case. Back then the Supreme Court stood on the wrong side of history, ruling against the American people in favor of military necessity. Today, the Supreme Court had the chance to redeem themselves for their complicity in endorsing discrimination during the case of Korematsu. But after over 75 years, the courts have not learned from their mistakes.

Though the Supreme Court decision stood against the Muslim community, deeming the President’s actions lawful and within the limitations of the Constitution, we cannot and will not give up. We urge the American people to not be defeated by this Supreme Court decision, but to use this as catalyst for political action in the upcoming elections.

Immediately after the #MuslimBan was announced, we stood up and spoke out against the ruling with the #NoMuslimBanEver coalition, first at a press conference just blocks from the U.S. Supreme Court, and then at a rally steps away from where the controversial 5-4 decision was made. View the photos and videos from Muslim Ban Decision day. We're engaging with the American public and our elected officials to condemn this bigoted decision, and gaining the support of members of Congress and Senators alike.

Our American values of freedom, mercy, and equality are being threatened. America - a nation of immigrants - should not turn it's back on immigrants and refugees. Trump’s discriminatory Muslim ban is in conflict with the values of our nation. In fact, last week, Senators Amy Klobuchar and Jeff Flake introduced a Senate resolution recognizing “the freedom of Muslims in the United States to exercise their religion and participate in the civil systems of their country” and their contributions to America. We thank Sens. Klobuchar and Flake for their leadership at a time when extreme political rhetoric is used to marginalize underrepresented and minority communities. We will continue to pressure Congress to act now and ensure the safety of all American citizens and their freedoms.

Media Mentions

Trump's Travel Ban, SCOTUS Decision are 'Government-Sanctioned Discrimination,' Muslim-American Leaders and Allies Say (

Ilhan Cagri, Senior Policy Fellow for Religious Freedom for the Muslim Public Affairs Council said, “While other people can talk about the theory of the Supreme Court case, we really need to talk about the practicality of what is coming down the road. What this president has done and continues to do is un-American, and it’s immoral,” she added. “What happens as a result of these policies is that we are pushing toward the worst in America, and that is why we must really stand up against this.”

Travel Groups Seek to Welcome Visitors Despite Supreme Court Upholding Travel Ban (USA Today)

Engie Mohsen, Policy Program Manager for the Muslim Public Affairs Council said the decision put the religious liberty of all Americans at risk. “If it can happen to Muslims, it can happen to anyone."



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