Trump’s EOs on Immigration & Refugees Make America Less Safe

January 25, 2017

Dear Friend,

We are only five days into the Trump Administration and we are already seeing egregious and un-American policies being signed as Executive Orders. President Trump is expected to sign Executive Orders to institute a blanket suspension of visas for certain countries with majority Muslim populations and the suspension of the refugee resettlement program.

Trump’s actions are part of a multi-day focus on immigration and are among an array of sweeping and immediate changes to the nation’s immigration system.

Let me be clear: the suspension of the refugee resettlement program and the banning of immigration from Muslim-majority countries are all designed to criminalize an entire group of people based on their religion and nationality, and it does not make us any more secure as a nation.

History has shown us that similar programs, such as NSEERS introduced under the Bush Administration, never produced any terrorist prosecutions and did little to enhance public safety while draining government resources. In fact, it was deemed ineffective by the Department of Homeland Security and was recommended to be permanently dismantled.

We are witnessing the continued promotion of simplistic and fear-based politics that weaken our global leadership and distract us from putting forth real solutions that will indeed protect our national security and interests.

We will be leading a three-pronged approach to address these Executive Orders, whether it concerns Muslims or any other minority group: (1) Partnering with legal advocacy groups to challenge the constitutionality of any order; (2) Working with the media to lead a national conversation about how these orders make us less safe, less free, and less American; (3) Advocating on Capitol Hill and with local and state governments for increased protection of minority communities.

A secure America is one that stands by its constitution and real patriotism is when you believe in its ideals enough to uphold them.

As Americans, we do not ban, register, or deport people based on the how they pray or the color of their skin.

As Americans, we do not turn away men, women and children who are seeking refuge and are escaping persecution.

As Americans, we know very well that an attack on one religious minority is an attack on all of us.

This is what makes America great.


Hoda Hawa

Director of Policy and Advocacy



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