The Israel Anti-Boycott Act

A violation of First Amendment-protected rights

December 18, 2018

From the Montgomery Bus Boycott that protested segregation in public transportation to the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement that challenged and defeated institutionalized racism, boycotts have long been an important tool for effecting social change.

Today, your constitutional right to boycott is under threat! 



Congress has snuck a bill criminalizing boycotts of Israel into the end-of-year spending bill and will vote to ratify it on Friday, December 21st. The Israel Anti-Boycott Act is strongly opposed by the ACLU, J Street, and other national civil rights organizations.



There is a very short window to stop this bill. Join us by calling on your members of Congress to oppose this boycott ban.



When your constitutional rights are at risk, we remain vigilant in protecting you. We stay on top of the most pressing issues impacting American Muslims and other vulnerable communities, build strategic coalitions, and advocate for you with key decision makers. We need your continued support so that we can continue to push back against bigoted policies. Your tax-deductible, zakat-eligible gift today will help us create an America that lives up to her ideals of liberty and justice for ALL.





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