The final countdown

#WeBelieve: Freedom & Equality

June 14, 2017

Dear Friend,

We are in the final stretch of this blessed month. I hope that for those observing, it has been one of spiritual renewal. The Islamic and American values of freedom and equality motivate our work. At MPAC, #WeBelieve that we must work to ensure that these values are upheld for all Americans.

I ask that you support this work with a gift of $200. We will use these funds to promote these values in American public affairs.


Here is what we have done in the past few months to further these values:

1. We filed legal briefs to defeat the two Muslim Bans in court. This work ensures that all Americans enjoy the same constitutional freedoms.

2. We provided expert testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on the rise of religious hate crimes and to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on the rise of right-wing and white supremacist extremism.

3. We worked to pass a bill in the Senate to counter hate crimes against Muslims, Jews and other minorities. This work ensures that all Americans feel safe in their communities.

4. We are working to pass "sanctuary state" legislation in California as a model for the country. These laws would keep vulnerable immigrant families together.

5. We launched our 3rd Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP). Some of our previous fellows now work as permanent staff in congressional offices. These young leaders are changing the narrative for Muslims in America.

I ask that you invest $200 in MPAC today to promote freedom and equality in American Public Affairs. Your donation is zakat-eligible and tax deductible.

In service,

Hoda Hawa

Director of Policy and Advocacy



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