Six Things That You Can Do In Honor Of World Refugee Day

Observing World Refugee Day

June 20, 2016

June 20th marks #WorldRefugeeDay, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of refugees around the globe. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, there were approximately 16.1 million refugees and 65.3 million forcibly displaced people in the world by the end of 2015. Around 34,000 people were forcibly displaced every day last year. The majority of refugees—54%—are from Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Here are six things that you can do in honor of World Refugee Day.


1. Watch Salam Neighbor on Netflix


Salam Neighbor is a film depicting two Americans living inside a Syrian refugee camp for one month. The United Nations Refugee Agency have remarked that this film is a “must-see.” Get some friends and check out this groundbreaking film on Netflix.


2. Pledge your support to stand with refugees


Adding your name to the United Nations Refugee Agency’s #WithRefugees petition urges governments to stand in solidarity with and take responsibility of refugees. The petition can be found here.


3. Donate to United Nations Refugee Agency


A donation to the United Nations Refugee Agency will contribute to emergency supplies, long-term support, and daily living expenses of refugees. You can donate here.


4. Help Refugees In Your Community


Volunteering at a refugee relief center, such as the International Rescue Committee, can help rebuild lives that have been uprooted.


5. Sign United Nation Refugee Agency’s Open Letter To End Statelessness


Over ten million people around the world are told that they don’t belong anywhere—they are stateless. This can entail being denied basic rights, education, medical care, and legal employment. Every ten minutes, a child is born stateless. Statelessness fuels the refugee crisis. The United Nation Refugee Agency is committed to ending statelessness by 2024. Sign the open letter to bring an end to this injustice here.


6. Write a Note to Welcome a Refugee


It’s important to let individuals that hold heartbreaking testimonies of persecution and loss know that they are welcome in our country. Write a note directly to a refugee here.



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