Say NO to Trump’s #MuslimBan

June 17, 2018

No Muslim BanThe Supreme Court’s decision on Trump v. Hawai’i, aka the Muslim Ban case, is expected to come as soon as tomorrow! As we approach decision day, it’s urgent for our communities and allies to continue speaking out and pushing back against Trump’s racist agenda.

The case is scheduled to be decided at 10:00am on Monday, June 18, or Monday, June 25. If additional dates are added to the Court’s calendar, we will notify you directly. No matter the outcome, join us, in partnership with Muslim Advocates and others as we gather outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on 11:45 AM of decision day.

This is a historic moment, one that will determine which side of history the courts are on. Once before, the Supreme Court was put to the test, tasked with defending the civil liberties of Japanese Americans in the case of Korematsu v. U.S. or siding with the Roosevelt administration’s discriminatory policies. When the Court chose to side with bigotry, it set a precedent that paved the way for the current situation we are in. President Trump’s Muslim ban is yet another discriminatory executive order that undermines our shared American values.

What you can do

  1. Show up in Washington, DC as soon as the decision is released.  
  2. Share #NoMuslimBanEver and #WeWillNotBeBanned across social media.

We cannot forget that the Muslim Ban is one of many anti-Muslim policies being implemented by this administration. We will continue to advocate for all those affected by invasive surveillance, profiling, and institutionalized bigotry. We will send a clear message to this administration that Muslims are part of the American fabric. We will not rest until every religious community and marginalized group can live without discrimination.



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