Our plan to fight the Muslim Ban

We’ve received many questions about the ruling and our next steps.

June 28, 2018

On June 26th, 2018, religious discrimination became lawful. The Supreme Court voted to uphold the Muslim Ban. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue this fight.

We’ve received many questions about what this means to you and what we will do next. I want to assure you that we are fighting to defend you and all marginalized communities. This fight now moves to Congress.

Our next steps

Limit the president’s power

We are working with the government, civic sector, interfaith community and Hollywood to pressure members of Congress to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). This would give less authority to the president in determining who may or may not enter the country. Doing so won’t remove the ban, but it will limit the president’s power to implement it fully.

Demand oversight

Concurrently, we will pressure lawmakers to exercise their oversight powers to review, monitor, and supervise the implementation of federal policies like this ban, including the waiver program that has up to this point been a sham. We’ll ask Congress to demand information and data that will show how ineffective and counterproductive the policy is.

What we've done so far

Omar Noureldin, MPAC Vice President, discussing the Muslim Ban on CNN with Shawn Steel, Republican National Committeeman for California.

Immediately after the ruling, we appeared on national media to ensure that the American public understands what this means for the country. We stood up and spoke out against the #MuslimBan with the #NoMuslimBanEver coalition, first at a press conference in D.C., and then at a coalition rally with 20+ partner organizations on the steps of the Supreme Court.

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