Our Fight Against Bigotry Continues

From white supremacy to the the Muslim Ban

September 26, 2019

Earlier this year, we established that two of our policy focuses will be to defund the Muslim Ban and to address hate crimes and their root causes. Nine months have now passed since we made that pledge to you.


Here's a brief update on what we accomplished:









  • We held a Congressional Briefing on the Muslim Ban Visa Waivers with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren



























































Here's what’s next on our agenda:

We will continue to work to defund the Muslim Ban: this week, Congress finally heard from those affected most by the travel ban. This was after the many months of work by the No Ban Coalition that we are a part of. The Muslim Ban hearing was a critical step in our process to permanently end the ban - and ensure that a future discriminatory ban can not happen. Our next step is to continue our work with the No Muslim Ban Ever coalition to ensure that the bill becomes law. 

We will continue to work to address white supremacist violence, and its impact on American Muslim communities: We’ve been working with civil society partners and the DHS to counter violent white supremacy and protect houses of worship. Our goal is to make more public resources available for American Muslim institutions. 



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