MPAC Rejoices Over Release of Jill Carroll

March 30, 2006

The Muslim Public Affairs Council congratulates Jill Carroll and her family for her freedom after three months since her kidnapping. MPAC was delighted to hear of Ms. Carroll's release, which is a positive development relative to the dreadful situation in Iraq. Hundreds of kidnappings remain unresolved, which involve both Iraqis and Americans.

The international journalists and NGOs that are working inside of Iraq have taken many risks to offer help to the people, and to report on events transpiring there accurately. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans like Jill Carroll working there with the goal of enhancing the lives of Iraqi people, and of promoting their plight to the world. There are militant groups operating in Iraq as well that have taken responsibility for atrocious crimes, and that are making living conditions worse. MPAC is deeply concerned that these groups will incite a civil war to the detriment of the country.

MPAC is also concerned with the present circumstances leading to the creation of these groups, and to their actions. Iraq's police force, along with the US and coalition forces have not been able to rein in the turmoil that has ensued over the past three years. We stand beside our troops as they dedicate their lives in Iraq, however the violence has only increased since their arrival.

We pray for the safety of the Iraqi people, and hope for a swift transfer of power and authority into their hands. It is in the interests of the international community to have a stable and functioning Iraq, and we are hopeful that the Iraqis will be successful in that pursuit.



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