Mourn Rachel Corrie by Demanding an End to Military Sales to Israel

March 17, 2003

Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old student from Olympia, was one of six International Solidarity Movement (ISM) volunteers who have been staying in the city to provide international civilian protection to families at risk from the various forms of violence of the Israeli occupation.

Rachel epitomizes the best in American values of bravery and standing up for justice anywhere in the world. Rachel had nothing to gain from her heroism -- she sacrificed her life for a cause she felt was just, and for this MPAC is very saddened and touched. We are deeply disturbed that her heroism was met with such unabashed cruelty by the Israeli army, which is now is willing to kill anyone, American's included, to continue their illegal occupation of Palestine. We thank Rachel, we mourn her, and we are indebted to her bravery and sacrifice.

MPAC's prayers are with Rachel's family and friends, and with the scores of Palestinians who are now being unjustifiably killed on a daily basis by the Israeli army as the world focuses on Iraq. MPAC reiterates that peace can not come to the Middle East until the Arab-Israeli conflict is ended peacefully and justly. We reiterate our position that the United States' tilt toward Ariel Sharon and his out-of-control army is not in our nation's strategic or moral interests.



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