Michael Moore & Mike Farrell Receive 12th Annual Media Awards

October 17, 2003

Mike Farrell was honored for his intellectual honesty and outspoken commitment to peace and justice. In his acceptance speech, Farrell commented that he was both "embarrassed and saddened that one wins an award for publicly stating that the war in Iraq is unjust, immoral and unconscionable."

Michael Moore was honored for his courageous commitment to social justice and uncovering the truth. When asked why he does what he does, Moore stated, "I don't know any other way to live but to follow my conscience." Moore stated emphatically, "I promise to do the best I can do to stand in the way of those who in my name and with my tax dollars attempt to take away our freedoms."

Dr. Linda Komaroff was honored for her visionary thinking and remarkable achievement in Islamic art. Through her efforts the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts acquired the Madina Collection of Islamic Art.

Video clips and still photos of the award presentations and acceptance speeches are available by request.

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