Killing of Ahmadis in Pakistan a Shocking Crime Against Humanity

May 30, 2010

The death toll of Ahmadis killed in a pair of terror attacks in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Friday has risen to almost 100, according to media reports. We at the Muslim Public Affairs Council are shocked and saddened by this heinous crime, which is the just the latest act of violence committed by extremist groups against historically persecuted minorities.  Such a crime is not only against the teachings and against the spirit of Islam and all other religions, but also represents an inhumane dismissal of life.

SEE: "Death Toll Rises to 98 in Pakistan Attacks" (CNN)

Militants armed with grenades, guns and suicide vests Friday stormed two Ahmadi centers in coordinated attacks that illustrate the vulnerability of groups considered outside the mainstream of Pakistani society.

"We have reached out to Ahmadi leaders to offer our sincere condolences and support to the Ahmadi Centers in America and all over the world," said MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati. "We condemn the attack of any house of worship, especially those attended by persecuted communities."

Numbering about 4 million, Ahmadis suffer severe discrimination in Pakistan and are legally barred from calling themselves Muslims. In April, Ahmadis were subject to a wave of kidnappings and killings in the central Punjabi city of Faisalabad, and reportedly received regular threats in recent months.



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