Mobilizing Muslims and Changing the Narrative

July 15, 2020



We must throw off the chains of white supremacy and collectively rebuke systemic racism in all of its forms. Let us take this moment and transform our nation into a more just and equitable society that tells a story that reflects us all.





Launching a Network of American Muslim Officials

Now more than ever, we need to work together to coordinate effective civic engagement. MPAC is excited to announce the launch of the American Muslim Elected and Appointed Officials Network (AMEAON) with the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition, America Indivisible, and honorary chair Keith Ellison. We’re taking the first step by creating inclusion, teamwork, and action.

Stay tuned to learn more about AMEOAN!






Let’s Get Out the Vote!

Our rights have been under threat for far too long but we have the power to change that. This election season, we need every eligible voter to go out and vote. MPAC has partnered with Democracy Summer to make sure voters are equipped with the tools they need to make sure their voices are heard. We have also partnered with Emgage to get out a Million Muslim Votes by mobilizing Muslim Americans to make change. We want every Muslim community to band together and work to preserve our pluralistic democracy. We position supporters like you to play vital roles in America. It truly is our responsibility as American Muslims to take proactive steps for social change for every American.

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WGA Panel

For the third year in a row, we partnered with The Writers’ Guild to host a panel about Muslim narratives continuing to change for the positive. Muslim creatives are slowly becoming a critical voice in the entertainment industry. While there is so much work to be done, including undoing stereotypes and the negative portrayal of Muslims, we are seeing more Muslim screenwriters, directors, producers, actors, and others become a force that can’t be ignored.

Watch our “Turning the Tide“ Panel with the WGA →






Changing Narratives During COVID-19

During the month of May, the Hollywood Bureau had two big wins. We received a grant from The Academy Foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to continue our work in striving for authentic narratives and diversity. The winner of our screenwriting lab, New York-based screenwriter and filmmaker Ziyad Saadi got to workshop his TV Pilot script with Grainne Godfree, an Executive Producer on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where she is proud to have helped create the first Muslim superhero on television! Through our work in the entertainment industry and our screenwriting labs, we have been working to advance authentic narratives about American Muslims in television and film to create strides of diversity. 

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Rebuilding Our Nation

MPAC held a conversation with Rep. Adam Schiff and interfaith leaders to discuss our new reality and how we can return to the way things were, but even better, how we can use this opportunity to become the nation we were meant to be. We are at a critical juncture and formulating plans to rebuild for a more just and equitable nation for all communities.

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