How We're Tackling White Nationalist Violence

August 30, 2019

After the mass shootings at a synagogue in Poway, California and the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, MPAC resolved to bring the issue of violent white supremacy to the national platform. To provide an American Muslim voice on this significant policy concern, MPAC joined a federal task force on the Prevention of Targeted Violence against houses of worship. Beyond just a topic of conversation, we wanted to ensure that, as a nation, we are addressing what is now a global epidemic, affecting religious and racial minorities, and attacking it from a messaging and legal perspective. 

MPAC reached out to Congressman and Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, and requested a forum of interfaith community members, unified under a single threat, where we voiced our concerns and demanded action. With over 600 people in attendance, we asked Congressman Schiff to give us insight based on his legislative expertise and I presented him with MPAC’s policy paper on The White Supremacist Threat to America

As Congressman Shiff said in his own words, “I think MPAC is doing some really important work. In fact, the white paper that MPAC put together analyzing this problem, talking about its roots, talking about the transnational character of this threat is something that every Member of Congress should read.” 

Last week, Congressman Schiff took the legislative initiative to counter this threat against our community and country. He introduced a bill that would create a federal domestic terrorism crime and could be applied to attacks like mass shootings in El Paso, Texas; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Charleston, South Carolina. MPAC is studying the legislation to ensure that we deal with the national security threat without compromising civil liberties. Despite the legitimate critiques of the bill, Congressman Schiff has initiated a conversation in our Congress to make this threat a national priority. Having Congressman Schiff participate in our forum and support our policy paper are important steps for our advocacy work.

This forum is an example of effective engagement and advocacy that MPAC works towards - one that moves the needle toward action and results in protecting our community. We believe that America is enriched by pluralism and that includes the contributions of American Muslims. Thank you for your support as we strive towards a more just, inclusive America.



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