Coalition of Libyan Americans Statement

March 24, 2011

On behalf of the Libyan American community and in support of the citizens of Libya currently under siege by Moammer Gaddafi and his forces, we the undersigned would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to the International Community led by the United Nations, the United States, France and Great Britain for working to end the suffering of the Libyan people.  Moreover, in response to the current debate and discussion in the wake of this crisis we would like to declare the following points.

  • We welcome and fully support the passage and complete implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 and thank the United States for spearheading the drive to establish a “no fly zone” over Libya and include “all means necessary” to protect civilians from the violence and oppression of the Gaddafi regime.  The moral clarity and bold leadership the United States and its allies have undertaken in response to the rapidly escalating crisis in Libya underscores their undeniable commitment to the preservation of human rights, liberty and self-determination.

  • Moammer Gaddafi and his forces continue to be in flagrant and egregious violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973.  Whole cities and towns are being rampantly attacked each day resulting in countless deaths, injuries and destruction of civilian structures.  People have been denied access to medical care, food, clean water and electricity in many parts of the country.  We urge the United States and its allies to continue to apply and increase forceful pressure on the Gaddafi regime as outlined in Resolution 1973 until all of its objectives are fully achieved with all expediency.

  • In the absence of a legitimate government in Tripoli reflecting the will and protecting the rights and lives of the Libyan people, we applaud and unanimously support the establishment of the Interim National Council (INC) of Libya based in the Libyan city of Benghazi as the sole representative and governing body of the nation of Libya.  We agree that the objective of this new government is the liberation of all of Libya from the control of Moammer Gaddafi and his supporters and the transition to a free and democratic state. 

  • Further to the United States’ declaration that Moammer Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy to lead and that a successful outcome to this crisis would be his removal from power, we call on the US to recognize and engage the Interim National Council of Libya as the only legitimate government of the people and to provide all means of support to it in achieving its defined goals. 

We, the undersigned declare that the above mentioned points accurately and clearly convey our position on the ongoing situation in Libya.  We actively seek the continued support of the United States and its coalition partners in achieving these objectives until Libya is free of the tyranny of the Gaddafi regime and Libya is allowed to rejoin the international community as a free and democratic nation.

Laila Treki
Mohammad Burnaz
Dr. Naim Gharyani
Dr.Mustafa Abushagur
Hanan Sharief
Mahmoud Traina MD
Maha Dakhil
Laila Ghosheh
Hanan Dakhil
Munzer Ghosheh
Dr. Idris Traina
Dr. Shihab Borai
Marwa Elborai
Ranim Elborai
Najah Dakhil
Iman Dakhil
Magda Aneizi
Dr. Mahmoud Dakhil
Mohammed Dakhil
Dafer M. Dakhil
Ahmed Nuordeen



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