Capitol Hill: Our Plans for 2019

January 18, 2019

We're sure you'll agree that 2018 was an incredibly challenging year. You've made your resolutions and so have we. We are resolved to push harder, work smarter, and be more collaborative in creating positive change on the issues that matter to you.

This year we’re tackling a very busy legislative agenda. We’re focusing our advocacy efforts to impact policy that safeguards against discrimination and targeting based on what you look like or who you worship, and are providing meaningful resources to ensure your voice is heard and you’re prepared for the year ahead. Here are some of the things our policy team is focusing on in 2019.

Rescinding and Defunding the Muslim Ban

Since the Supreme Court ruling supporting Trump’s Muslim ban, our allies in Congress are working with us to find a legislative fix to rescind and defund the Muslim ban. We’ve already met with seven key offices in both the House and Senate who are poised to introduce legislation that would effectively defund the ban and ensure no future ban of a people based on, among other factors, religion.

Enhancing Federal Hate Crime Enforcement

According to the FBI, hate crimes have increased for the third year in a row, so we’re also working with Members of Congress and the executive branch to enhance federal enforcement of hate crimes. We’ve laid out our recommendations in a white paper we published last year, titled, “Communities Under Assault: Improving Federal Hate Crimes Enforcement.”

2020 Census

Last year, we raised our voices against the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census and are continuing to advocate for its exclusion. We’ll be working to increase participation in the 2020 Census as it is essential in setting federal budgets for public service programs for the next decade.

2020 Election

We’re making sure you’re prepared for the 2020 Election by providing spotlights on presidential candidates as they’re announced. 


Leadership Development

The next Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib is out there and we’re training them with our unique leadership development programs like our annual Young Leaders Government and Policy Summit and Congressional Leadership Development Program (CLDP) -- applications are live now!


These are just a few of the policy issues we are tackling. We have a busy and exciting year ahead. Our work is driven by the Islamic and American principles of mercy, justice, and human dignity for all. We will continue working toward an America that reflects these ideals.

See what our policy team has planned in Hollywood in 2019 by clicking here.




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