We had Mayor Garcetti clarify his statement about Jerusalem

We broke down the importance of recognizing the suffering of Palestinians and the importance of Jerusalem for the Muslim community to Mayor Garcetti

May 20, 2019

This weekend we convened a group of community leaders in Los Angeles who were very concerned about Mayor Eric Garcetti’s endorsement of the United States Embassy move to Jerusalem. Last year, the United States recognized Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel by moving the US Embassy in Israel there. This move represented the ultimate violation of religious freedom and a real provocation of violence. We called on the Mayor to urge him to recognize our concerns on his endorsement and to be an ongoing champion of justice for all.

Earlier today, the Mayor agreed to hear us out. We met with him to express our concerns over his blanket statement of approval of the embassy move without recognizing the plight of the Palestinian people or even recognizing the legitimacy of a Palestinian statehood.. Mayor Garcetti recognized our concerns and clarified his statement.



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