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May 25, 2017

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Salam Al-Marayati on Trump's First Foreign Trip (CNN-I)

"It's very clear that this president knows very little about Islam yet he's going to go give a lecture to Muslim leaders about Islam and about tolerance and respect; and yet he's the one who said 'Islam hates us.'"

WNY Muslim leader reacts to Trump speech (WGRZ 2)

So far, in Qazi's opinion, President Trump is not off to a great start. As an example, Qazi said Trump's immigration ban has caused chaos for families who are stuck apart.



Trump is Ignoring American Muslim Voices (HuffPost)

By choosing Saudi Arabia as the platform for his overture to Muslims, President Trump will do nothing to heal these wounds within his own nation. Instead, he will only further cement the idea that Islam is foreign, that the “Muslim world” is fundamentally different and alien to our own nation and the bedrock principles upon which it was founded.


Mentions & Quotes

WNY Muslim Leader Reacts to Trump Speech (The Washington Post)

"But there was zero mention of Muslim Americans in Trump's speech", said Zaki Barzinji, former President Obama's liaison to the Muslim community and now a senior policy adviser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Don't Blame Muslims Muslims for the Manchester Concert Attack (Bustle)

ISIS, said the executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in 2015, "should be treated with no more credibility than any other group of fanatics."

Area Muslims have varied reactions to Trump's Saudi Arabia speech (Daily News)

Muslim Public Affairs Council Vice President Omar Noureldin noted the irony of Trump speaking from Saudi Arabia to discuss Islam, moderation and peace in light of that country’s puritanical brand of religion.

Lieberman pick for FBI would spell trouble for Julian Assange (Politico)

"It's all relative. I don't think things would get worse under Mr. Lieberman," said Salam Al-Marayati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. "Lieberman's track record dealing with singling out Islam for surveillance and the Patriot Act obviously are very troubling for us and that would be the first thing we would raise. If he is confirmed, we are going to have to engage him."

'Seeking That Which Unites Us' (The Connection to your community)

But Osman said she, like most Muslims, grew up with stories of strong women in the faith including Asiya the Pharoah’s wife during the time of Moses, who hid her monotheistic beliefs from her husband, and Khadijah, first wife of the prophet Muhammad, who Osman said was an impressive businesswoman hiring men to work along trade routes.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania's visit to the Middle East (Norman Geestar)

“I think there was some change in tone, but where that will be a week from now, or a month from now, remains to be seen”, said Dr. Khalid Qazi, founding president of the WNY Muslim Public Affairs Council.



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