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July 21, 2017

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Facing The Muslim Ban – The Zero Hour (TroFire)

Edina Lekovic interviewed: Richard Eskow, host of The Zero Hour, is joined by Edina Lekovic from the Muslim Public Affairs Council, to talk about Trump’s Muslim Ban being partial put back into place and how it affected a group of Afghanistan women.


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Proposed Budget Bill Would Add Teeth to Trump’s Johnson Amendment Order (Sojourners)

MPAC mentioned: The language was opposed by at least 50 groups, including the American Jewish Committee, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, Episcopal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Secular Coalition for America, and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

The Media Is Unfairly Smearing the Trump Administration’s Strategy on Islamist Extremism (The Daily Signal)

MPAC mentioned: The subtext was clear: The Trump administration is soft on the far right. Others were not as subtle in making that charge. The Muslim Public Affairs Council (which also had its grant cut) accused the Trump administration of turning a “blind eye” to white supremacy.

US: Muslim Americans mourn the death of Dr. Jack Shaheen (The Milli Gazette)

MPAC & Sue Obeidi, Hollywood Bureau Director, mentioned: Sue Obeidi said Dr. Shaheen was the pioneer and did the heavy lifting when it came to confronting the industry on the vilification of Arabs and Muslims in Hollywood.

The Trump Administration Provides One More Reason to Discontinue CVE (Just Security)

MPAC mentioned: The withdrawal of DHS funds from the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a group that is commonly considered as having a close relationship with law enforcement, particularly in its hometown of Los Angeles, only underlines the Trump administration’s consistent distrust for Muslims and reinforces the status of CVE as a law enforcement initiative.

Hiring Another Swamp Creature For The FBI (The Daily Caller)

MPAC mentioned: Both the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Arab-American Institute would agree. Thanks to Mueller, Comey’s predecessor, these and other special interests were involved in shaping FBI counterterrorism training.



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