Trump Shuns American Muslims at White House Iftar

Once again, the White House refuses to acknowledge the existence and contributions of American Muslims at the annual White House Iftar.

May 13, 2019

Tonight marks another year when President Trump fails to invite American Muslims during the month of Ramadan. Instead, foreign ambassadors and dignitaries from Muslim-majority countries comprise the guest list for tonight’s iftar. Many of those he did invite represent autocratic and repressive governments, regimes that routinely oppress innocent citizens and violate the rights of women, minorities and free-thinking people.

Hillary Clinton started the tradition of the White House Iftar (the daily fast-breaking dinner) in 1996 when she served as First Lady. Since 1996, when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton began the tradition, this event has been a staple of both Republican and Democratic administrations. It's served as an opportunity to celebrate Ramadan with the American Muslim community, the leaders of its civic groups, its imams, its writers, artists, and entertainers.

After canceling the White House iftar two years ago, President Trump broke away from this great tradition. This year, he has continued the tradition MPAC initiated over 20 years ago -- but for the past two years, no American Muslim organizations or leaders were invited. This is not surprising, through his exclusively foreign guest list he is perpetuating the narrative Islam is foreign to America and that American Muslims are not an integral part of our social fabric.



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