Moving forward in our fight against the #MuslimBan

‘No Ban Act’ Finally Headed For a House Vote

February 13, 2020

Earlier today, members of the the House Judiciary Committee marked up the No Ban Act and voted it out of committee. Introduced by Congresswoman Judy Chu, the No Ban Act is a vital piece of legislation which would make necessary reforms to immigration law and repeal the Muslim Ban, asylum ban, and refugee ban, as well as President Trump’s recent expansion of the Muslim Ban. It is now one step closer to going up for a vote on the House floor. 

This is a crucial development given the urgency of our present moment, now three years removed from the original Executive Order and months away from a national election cycle which Trump has made a habit of using to rile up his base. Now, we implore members of the House to vote in favor of H.R. 2214 without any further adjustments. 

The No Ban Act does demonstrable good in preventing prejudice from leading to discriminatory policy. We now have a chance to send a message to President Trump that we stand as one with those targeted by his administration’s xenophobic immigration policies.

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