MPAC Applauds UN Security Council Vote

December 23, 2016

In a historic move today, the United Nations Security Council voted to pass a resolution on the illegality of Israeli settlements. Rather than using its veto power, the vote passed due in large part to the United States' abstaining from the vote -- thus concluding 14 votes in favor of the resolution.

MPAC welcomes and applauds the Security Council for its vote to recognize that in addition to the illegality of the settlements, they pose one of the biggest obstacles to realizing a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

While this is a break from previous vetoes on Israeli settlements, it is not a break from US policy on settlements. Administrations from the Reagan era until now have all made clear that Israeli settlements are illegal.

We applaud the Obama administration for not blocking the vote and allowing the other SC members to vote on the resolution. MPAC has worked on the Israel-Palestine issue for decades and has been on record and in agreement with our nation's policy that the settlements are illegal and an impediment to peace.



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