19 Members of Congress Defend Rights of Palestinian Children

Stand with Them & Express Your Support

July 7, 2015

Recently, 19 members of the House of Representatives submitted a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry defending the human rights of Palestinian children languishing in Israeli jails. These 19 members were moved to action after attending a briefing detailing the current situation of these Palestinian children.

As American Muslims, it is imperative that we use our voice to express our support and thanks to these 19 brave members of Congress. We appreciate the willingness of these Representatives to speak for the voiceless, especially on an issue as charged as this.

Call to express your support

Below are the 19 members of the House of Representatives along with their phone numbers:

CongresspersonDistrictOffice Phone
Earl Blumenauer (D) OR - 3 202-225-4811
Don Beyer (D) VA - 8 202-225-4376
Andre Carson (D) IN - 7 202-225-4011
John Conyers (D) MI - 13 202-225-5126
Danny Davis (D) IL - 7 202-225-5006
Peter DeFazio (D) OR - 4 202-225-6416
Keith Ellison (D) MN - 5 202-225-4755
Anna Eshoo (D) CA - 18 202-225-8104
Raul Grijalva (D) AZ - 3 202-225-2435
Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) TX - 30 202-225-8885
Hank Johnson (D) GA - 4 202-225-1605
Barbara Lee (D) CA - 13 202-225-2661
Jim McDermott (D) WA - 7 202-225-3106
James P. McGovern (D) MA - 2 202-225-6101
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) DC 202-225-8050
Chellie Pingree (D) ME -1 202-225-6116
Bobby Rush (D) IL - 1 202-225-4372
Maxine Waters (D) CA - 43 202-225-2201
Betty McCollum (D) MN - 4 202-225-6631

Suggested talking points

To make it easier, below is a suggested script to use when speaking with the offices:

“Hello, my name is _______________ and I am a constituent in the Congressman’ [or Congresswoman’s] district. I am calling to thank the Congressman [or Congresswoman] for sending the letter to Secretary Kerry advocating for the rights of Palestinian children who are currently in detention in Israel. I appreciate the leadership shown by signing onto this letter and hope that this opens the door for more dialogue on this issue.”


It is very likely that the person in the office will ask some background information, such as your name and where you live. This is standard procedure for notes and determining how many calls are coming from within their district.



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