Celebrating 25 Years of Service

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We wish you a joyous Eid and hope you've had a wonderful Ramadan; a time of strengthening relationships with loved ones and our Creator.

Thanks to your Ramadan zakat contributions last year, we were able to respond to some of the most challenging issues facing our community and nation, including racial profiling and religious extremism. Since we launched our Ramadan campaign, we've raised $325,613 from generous supporters like you. We're 93% there! We're hopeful that we can reach our goal of $350,000, God-willing.

We've reached 93% of our goal!

This Ramdan, we are celebrating 25 years of service. We've refined a formula that has proven effective. As we've worked with leaders in government, news media, Hollywood and the American Muslim community, our formula boils down to three things:

  1. Engaging political and thought leaders in our nation’s nerve centers,
  2. Empowering American Muslims to become active leaders in civic affairs and
  3. Enlightening Americans with a mainstream, modern view on Islam and Muslims.


See what we've achieved together and hear from people who have been inspired by MPAC to make extraordinary differences in politics, entertainment, media and local communities.

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During this month of Ramadan, you can support MPAC Foundation with your zakat. Your zakat will work to open the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens with a true understanding of Islam, while working for justice by promoting women's empowerment, pushing back against xenophobia, and countering religious extremism. For example, read what Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA) has to say about MPAC.

If MPAC existed in 1939, ‘40, ‘41 an ‘42, Japanese  Americans would never have been sent to  [internment] camps. We were sent because there were decades of yellow journalism, decades of propaganda in the public media and no one said that’s wrong; no one said you’re inaccurate. The community was too weak and didn’t have a voice in the state or in the nation’s capitol. MPAC will move the youngsters forward, the community forward, and this whole country forward. - Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA)



  1. The Pew Research Center named MPAC the leading national Muslim public affairs organization in Washington, DC.
  2. President Obama personally recognized MPAC's service, when he called MPAC's Washington, DC Director, Haris Tarin, to commend our efforts to promote active citizenship and empower young American Muslims.
  3. We’ve testified before Congress on critical issues like racial profiling and charitable giving, and worked with theDepartment of Justice to rid it of anti-Muslim trainers and educational materials.
  4. MPAC's Hollywood Bureau bridges American Muslims and Hollywood, and has served as a consultant on dozens of productions, including the hit series "24" and "Saving Grace."
  5. Hundreds of young Muslims have taken on the challenge of becoming leaders in our community and country through MPAC’s Young Leaders Summits in government, media and Hollywood. Many have entered these fields professionally through our networks.

Thank you for 25 years of support! Giving generously now to sustain this vital work will help protect the fundamental rights of all Americans.

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May God bless you and your family during this blessed month, and may our future in 25 years be brighter.

Donations to MPAC Foundation are tax-deductible and zakat-eligible. Tax ID 95-4675391

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